Gonna Love Bro for These~!

My bro went to Japan for business trip and he watsapp me asking what I want from Japan. Single-cell-brained-SK could only think of food and told him to get me Japanese snacks. Now I am regretting! I should have asked him to get me Burberry blue label wallet!
Never mind… I hope he gets to go Japan soon and I will remember about the wallet.

So here are some of the stuff he bought for me. Actually to share with cousins, but I ain’t sharing! *Evil laughter*

How could anyone not buy Tokyo Banana when he/she goes Japan right??
Hehe~ The whole box is MINE!

This plain looking waffle is one of the best waffles I have eaten! Comes in matcha and vanilla filling.

Hadn’t try the other 2 boxes of snacks and the curries. I will definitely try before they are gone!


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