Lunch at Old Town Cafe

Cousin stayed over at my place last night and both of us slept till noon before realizing that we should eat before she went to teach tuition. We went to Old Town Cafe in Jurong Point because we weren’t too hungry.

We shared the prata with curry potato. The curry was rich and so yummy. Though the prata was a bit dense, it tasted good when drenched with the curry. =)

Here’s something interesting. In a Dublin cafe, roti canai (prata) is described as “Grilled Indian-style multi-layered flat bread served with curry dipping sauce”. Doesn’t our all-time favorite prata sound like a starter?

I couldn’t decide if I should get kaya butter toast or curry puff, so I ended up with only the omega-3 soft boiled eggs. So shiok to slurp on the runny yolks and watch the heavy rain outside the windows. Yum~

Cousin’s Iced Chocolate was soooooooooo saturated. Maybe because I tried her chocolate before drinking my Teh Tarik, hence my teh tarik tasted like colored water.

And of course, how could we not have a cam-whoring session?


4 responses to “Lunch at Old Town Cafe

  1. Always happy to see a pic of you! 😀
    and always curious, how do you stay so slim after munching all those yummy food????

  2. Great food……gorgeous girls 🙂

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