Supper at Kungfu Paradise

Cousin and I went to JCube for supper. Everyone has been talking about Kungfu Paradise but I have not tried it, so I got cousin to accompany me after she finished tuition.

We were given the table just by the entrance. =___=”
Both of us hated that kind of table because people will be queuing just beside our table and watching us eat. Just like some kind of animal feeding show. The back part of the cafe was closed so we had no other choice but to sit there.

We had the Kungfu Bumger which was very tasty. Love the tender and juicy chicken! It’s small but satisfying.

The 3 small Liu Sha Bao were good! It’s creamy with a tiny bit of “sandy” texture of the yolk. We had to be very careful when peeling the paper off the bun, otherwise the filling would ooze out like hot lava. My method was to drink the “lava” off and then work on the bun.

Next was Chicken Salad with Thai chili dressing. The fried chicken bits were really well seasoned and crispy. Yum! For the dressing, cousin (who can’t take chili) found it spicy but addictive. As for me, it’s mild spicy and very appetizing.

Lastly, we had the Tiramisu. There is a 50% discount on cakes after 10pm. The tiramisu was not bad, but we didn’t finish it because we were full.

The service in Kungfu Paradise was good and the waiting time was quite short. It would be good if they don’t close one section of the cafe and allow more customers in. Plus, we really hate the tables by the entrance because people in the queue were yelping away above our heads and observing what we were eating. Other than that, it’s fine.


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