To-Do List before 30

I have been thinking about things I wanted to do before I turn 30. So I have decided to list them down before I happily procrastinate off my remaining 3 yrs of youth and hit the big 30 without accomplishing anything!

Reason that I wanted to do some things before I hit 30 is because when people gets old, the level of commitment increases exponentially and the level of courage and fun drops exponentially. I don’t want to wake up one morning, realising that I am already 40 or 50 yrs old and could not longer take the risk or adventure.

Ok, having said that, here’s my list:

1) Sky dive in Australia
– I want to experience the feeling of dropping from thousands of feet and then parachute back to earth.
– I have to do it while I am still young. Who knows my heart might be too weak to survive that fall after I pass 30 years old.
– No kids to hinder my adventure yet.
– In case I die from the diving (touch wood!), I won’t be leaving behind any poor kids.

2) See the Aurora
– I can’t possibly live and die on this planet without witnessing the most spectacular sight on earth.
– Iceland is freaking cold, so I need to be young and energetic to make it there. Who knows I might be full of illnesses when I get old (touch wood again!) and can’t travel.

3) Learn diving
– I love the sea and I want to experience swimming with the marine animals! But I can’t swim though… Not sure if that’s the prerequisite for diving.

4) Visit White Haven Beach in Australia
– It’s so beautiful!

5) Kayak at Crystal Lagoon in San Alfonso del Mar resort, Chile
– OMG! That man-made pool is so so so awesome!

6) Experience snow skiing
– SK has not seen snow in her entire life and needs to see it asap!

Ok, I shall stop the list at 6. Being a procrastinator, I shouldn’t come up with too long a list, for I will not be able to achieve it.
May I stay healthy and get richer to help me accomplish my goals before 30!


2 responses to “To-Do List before 30

  1. Hehe I can imagine you acting like an excited little girl when you see snow! You’d be so ecstatic that you probably would try to make a snow angel. haha 😀

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