Ippudo Ramen

Another last post:

Joyce asked me to attend the lasik forum at Shinagawa Lasik and Eye Centre in Wheelock since both of us have been wanting to correct our vision. The forum lasted about 1 hour and we were introduced to the available techniques and machines used to perform lasik. At the end of the forum, we made our appointments for the pre-lasik assessment.

To celebrate that we are finally going to do lasik, we went to Ippudo for ramen after that. Actually it was me who was craving for ramen. LOL!
The queue was still very long at 8.30pm and we waited quite a while before we get a seat by counter.
Both of us decided to get the Akamaru Special ramen which comes with bamboo shoots, pork belly cubes and flavored egg.



Ramen 1

The soup was really rich and good! Both of us almost finished the soup from the huge bowl. I love the thin noodles which was cooked just right and the char siew was so tasty as well! The pork belly cubes were too fatty but the meat portion was very tender. I would definitely return for more ramen!

cheese ball

The cheese balls with 5 different flavors were quite good as well.


We finished off our meal with this orange drink that Joyce introduced to me. I really don’t mind the long queue for such yummy ramen~


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