Ah Mei Cafe

Pakcik and I were shopping in IMM and we didn’t have dinner until 9.30pm. My prata craving had not subsided so I insisted on having prata at the Ah Mei Cafe.

Ah Mei Cafe

The queue was pretty long even though it’s already past dinner time. Since the prata was made to order, I had to wait while Pakcik enjoyed his chicken briyani.


The fried thigh was pretty good, especially the crispy skin. I almost wanted to tear the skin off and leave Pakcik with the bare thigh. But SK ain’t that mean, so I only took a small piece to try. =)
I didn’t like the yellow veggies because it was sourish and the curry was a bit too salty.


Finally my prata was ready. I ordered 2 plain ones because they are more crispy compared to the one with egg. The prata was pretty good except for the curry which was similar to the briyani’s curry.

I think the only prata I like is from Alif in Bukit Gombak, and the Roti Canai in Malaysia. The ones made by the Indians in Malaysia are fantastic because they really put in the effort to toss the dough and pan fry the roti canai to perfect crispiness. Plus, the curry tastes better too. Oh my… now I am missing my hometown’s food again…


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