Seaweed Rice Roll

Made some seaweed rice roll for breakfast. It’s easy to make and taste great!
The ingredients can be easily found in Daiso or any Korean and Japanese Food supermarket/store.


For the ingredients, I used a large bowl of cooked Japanese rice, some Katsuobushi shavings, seasoned Korean seaweed sheets, and onigiri rice seasoning.


Just mix everything (except the seaweed) into the rice. I did not measure how much of rice seasoning. I simply taste the rice as I add the seasoning to get the saltiness which I prefer. Adding the Katsuobushi shavings makes the rice very fragrant so I added a generous amount. An alternative is to add toasted sesame seeds if you do not have the Katsuobushi shavings.

rice roll

Next, spread some rice mixture on a piece of seasoned seaweed and roll it up.

rice roll 2

Here’s the end product~
If you eat it immediately, the seaweed will still be crispy, otherwise the seaweed will be soft due to the moisture from the rice. I like both the warm and chilled version so I ate some while making and keep the rest in the fridge for later.


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