Evil Cousin

This is the second cardio mix class which I attended with cousin. For today’s session, it wasn’t as tough as we focus more on squats and toning. Hence, cousin and I went for a short jog after the class before heading back home.

Feeling thirsty and tired, I went to the 7-11 convenience store to get some drinks. My evil cousin decided to tempt me with the variety of food found in the 7-11. =___=”


She then told me that she wanted to eat a sandwich but wanted me to share as she might not be able to finish it. Evil her went on to promote the sandwich, going on and on about how delicious it is etc. Finally I gave in and agreed to share with her.

Curry Potato Sandwich

That’s the curry potato sandwich which she chose and recommended.
We bought it, heat it up, and started eating it on our way home. Guess what?
Cousin merely took 2 tiny bites and said she had enough. Leaving me to finish the rest of the sandwich. =___=”
She knew I wouldn’t waste food, so she conveniently dumped the remaining calories to me and started laughing. She is such an evil b*tch! Luring me to eat starchy food after workout and then made me consumed all the calories which I painstakingly burned earlier!!

Realizing that I have been tricked, I screamed at her and swear that I will feed her with fats or spike her drinks with carbohydrate water next time!
Stupid cousin! I shall not fall for your trick anymore!


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