May the Fats Unite!

I made myself egg and potato mayo for breakfast, thinking that it will make me full and hence eat lesser during lunch. Unfortunately, I was so busy at work in the morning that I had no time to eat proper breakfast. I only managed to eat 2 spoonful of the egg and potato mayo before lunch.

Egg potato Mayo

Here’s a picture of my very yummy breakfast. I simply mix mayonnaise, minced hard boiled egg, mashed potatoes, bacon bits and ground white pepper together and chill it in the fridge.

I was kinda upset that I couldn’t finish it for breakfast. So during lunch, I went to pack chicken kebab with rice from DSO staff canteen. I assumed that chicken kebab should be in small portion and I would skip most of the rice, so that I would be able to finish my breakfast during tea time.
However, this is how huge the lunch was:

chicken kebab

There were apples, salad and 2 huge sticks of chicken kebab on top of the rice. Just finishing the stuff on top of the rice would fill me up. =____=”
And greedy me, still ate the remaining breakfast during tea time.

I was calories over dosed for the day.
Yep.. enough said.


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