Dim Sum Buffet @ Old Hong Kong


I bought the voucher online for dim sum buffet at Old Hong Kong restaurant located in Oasia Hotel Novena. As GST and service charge are excluded in the voucher, we ended up paying about $30+ per person for the lunch buffet.
The restaurant was quite empty during lunch time so service time was relatively short.

Here’s the menu for the lunch buffet:

Old Hong Kong Menu

Old Hong Kong Menu 1

The soup and dumplings with truffles are limited to 1 serving per person.

Dumpling with Truffles

That’s the dumpling with truffles. Basically it tasted just like any other xiao long bao. No distinct truffle taste at all.

Crystal Dumpling

This was the crystal dumpling with potherb mustard and I didn’t like it. I find that the skin was a bit tough and the filling was very gluey. Pakcik thought it was alright though.

Carrot cake

The pan fried carrot cake was pretty decent and each of us finished one piece. It could be pan fried longer to make the skin more crispy while the inside remains soft.

Char Siew Pau


The skin of the char siew pau was too thick and the char siew was far from good. Quite disappointed with the standard.

Chicken Feet


The braised chicken feet was not bad. Pakcik doesn’t take feet so I finished all of it by myself. That’s the dish which I enjoyed the most.

Rice Roll with Chicken Feet


This is the rice flour roll with chicken feet. I must say that the presentation was horrible. It kinda look like the aftermath of a chicken massacre. For the rice flour roll, although it’s thick, the texture was smooth and soft. There wasn’t much gravy so it tasted bland on its own.

Prawn Dumpling


Prawn dumpling was not bad but the skin could be much thinner.

Siew Mai


Presentation for the siew mai wasn’t good but the taste was ok. I like the mixture of pork and prawn filling which gives a different texture and taste to the siew mai.

Custard Bun


The egg yolk custard bun was pretty good. I enjoyed the sweet yellow lava oozing out of the bun.

Vinegar Pig Trotter


The pig trotter with ginger and vinegar was the other dish that I enjoyed. The level of sourness was just right and the gravy wasn’t too oily. It’s very appetizing to drink the vinegar gravy. We had 2 servings of the pig trotter.

Sweet n Sour Pork


The sweet and sour pork was not very good. The batter for the pork was too thick and the sauce was a bit too sweet. Felt very jerlat after eating it.

Sauteed Diced Beef


The sauteed diced beef was tender and the home made sauce was tasty too. Pakcik liked it a lot and he ordered another serving for himself.

Braised Duck


The braised marinated duck with taro was another forgettable dish. The duck was tough and the gravy was too heavy.

Fried Rice


The fried rice was pretty decent. Pakcik commented that the rice was very fragrant and cleaned the plate.

We ordered a serving of the soup but it wasn’t served by the time we finished our meal, so we decided not to have it.

Overall, I think that the dim sum standard was normal. If I have cravings for dim sum, I would still stick to Yum Cha, Cherry Garden or Imperial Treasures.

After the meal, I felt too fat to sit in the front seat, so I went to the back of the car and let Pakcik be the chauffeur for the day. =P



Took a picture of my chauffeur while he was focusing on driving.

We went to one of the reservoirs in the North for a stroll and was lucky to see some wild animals!




Monkey (2)


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  1. Ohhhhhh, you’re just teasing with all this great food. I love it 🙂

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