Friday Evening @ City Space

LL, Min and I met at the CRP forum and we head to City Space after that. Some how I always crave for alcohol on Fridays. LOL~
The happy hour at City Space is from 5-8pm so we ended up having a few drinks each. It’s good to go there early because we can see both the day and night city view.


I started off with this drink named Tea Ceremony. It’s a cocktail with Pu-er tea, rum, honey and port. I ike it because it tasted very smooth and sweet. This shall be the SK’s must-drink cocktail for the next visit! Alcohol content is slightly on the high side so those who cannot take alcohol should drink with moderation.


Min had the Ultimate Pimm’s which is a mixture of gin, cucumber. apple, mint, citrus and Moet & Chandon Imperial. It’s a refreshing drink for the ladies.


LL had the Jamaican Me Crazy. This drink is not in the new menu but the bar still serves it upon request. I highly recommend this drink because it’s so delicious! Basically it’s a cocktail with tea, rum, grapefruit peel and ginger cake coated with chocolate.


As the sun started setting, we proceeded to our second drinks.
LL had this which tasted so strong that I shall name it Ethanol. It’s called Vesper by the way. Recipe: 3 parts gin, 1 measure of vodka, and half a measure of kina lillet.


That’s Min’s pretty drink named Kaffir Royale. It’s Creme de Mure and Moet & Chandon Imperial with kaffir lime leaves.


My second drink was named Mai Tai which means “out of this world” or “very good” in Tahitian. It’s made up of rum, orange curacao, fresh lime, rock candy syrup, and french orgeat. The taste is quite good but I like the Tea Ceremony more. The ice kinda diluted the drink over time.


The parma ham pizza was quite good. I like the think crust and fresh rocket.


I love these wedges a LOT! They were so crispy and the garlic sour cream dip was fantastic! Yummy~

city space 1 city space

Soon, night falls and the city view was so mesmerizing. I think it looked even better when one gets tipsy… LOL!


My last drink was the all time favourite: Long Island Iced Tea~
It’s not as strong as the one from Zouk but still good enough to give the kick. I don’t even remember what Min and LL had for their 3rd round. =P


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