Late Dinner @ Sushi Tei

The 3 of us were a little tipsy after the drinks at City Space. We found our way to Sushi Tei in Raffles City Shopping Centre and insisted on dining there, even though it was slightly past it’s last order time. The friendly staff (obviously could see that we were under influence of alcohol) attended to us and guide us through the menu because the kitchen has closed for all the cooked and grilled items.
And so, the three of us flipped the menu, smiled and nodded at every picture of awesome looking sashimi. I really appreciate the patience of the staff in taking our order and serving us the food. Too bad my mind was switched off and I didn’t get her name.

And so the kitchen managed to serve us these while closing.


I don’t what this sushi is called but it contains mango and salmon. It’s really good!



A plate of salmon~ Awesomely fresh and firm!
Half way through, I realized that the amount of salmon roe didn’t decrease even though we kept eating it. Maybe it multiplied while we weren’t looking…
Hmmm… *Creepy…*


That’s one of the items Min and I were beaming at in the menu. It so so so fresh and creamy that even LL likes it!


SK’s way of eating everything together. I took the rice from Min’s Salmon Don, spiced and wrap it with the seaweed. Yum yum~

ice cream

LL had ebiko gunkan and miso soup which I didn’t take photo of. Finally, we reached dessert. Min and LL ordered the fish ice cream. My not-working brain actually thought that the ice cream contains fish until I saw what was served. =__=” Yeah.. stupid SK…

Finally we finished our food and the staff can close the restaurant. Before we leave, we remembered thanking them really loudly. =)
Hopefully they don’t blacklist us or put a notice that drunk customers are not welcomed. =p


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