Pre-Lasik Assessment

I am so excited because I have booked my lasik surgery on 28 Dec afternoon! I have been wanting to do lasik since like 5 years ago and finally I am getting it done! My bff from high school invited me to the lasik forum last month and both of us are correcting our poor eye sight this time, for real! The clinic we chose is Shinagawa LASIK & Eye Centre located at Wheelock level 5. My doctor would be Dr. Lee Sao Bing.

After the assessment, I found out that my eye sight has deteriorate so much! My right eye used to be 550 degrees but now it is 675 degrees plus 50 degrees of astigmatism. And my left eye was 525 degrees, but now it’s 550 degrees with 125 degrees of astigmatism!
ARGH! So much sacrifice for working in front of a computer 8-5pm everyday! I guess I may go blind if I continue to stress my eyes. This is really bad…

The doctor confirmed that my cornea is thick enough to perform the surgery but I may not be able to wear any contact lens (except for custom made ones) in the future because of the curvature of my cornea after the surgery. That’s quite sad as I would like to have my colors contact lens for certain special occasions. =(
And if my eyesight deteriorate again due to work, I have to wear specs in the future… =(((((((((((

Whatever… I shall just go ahead with the surgery and see how it goes after that.

Both my pupils were dilated for the assessment, so I was not able to see clearly for about 4-6 hours after that. Pakcik was there to accompany me but he kinda forgot that I can’t see clearly and left me to walk alone in the mall. =___=”
Haiz… He is just not caring enough…

Anyway, I got him to get lunch because I can’t see the menu on the signboard. Felt so handicapped! I am very dependent on visual and so I doubt I can live without my eyes…

Here’s what we had for lunch.



I like the takoyaki from the food place at ION basement 4. Maybe I will get that again before my surgery on 28th afternoon.

I shall write about my surgery if everything goes well! Wish me luck and pray for me!!


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