Seoul Garden Buffet @ Downtown East

Went to Seoul Garden dinner buffet with my friend at Downtown East. It’s been donkey years since I last had Seoul Garden. This outlet is equipped with a monitor screen and mouse for ordering the food. After ordering, the food will be served to the table. I love this concept a lot because I hate to get food from the counter. It’s always a mess after so many people went to pick and touch the items. Plus it’s not that hygienic as well.

Seoul Garden

Other than the drinks and desserts, all other items were served to us. =)
The staff there were very friendly and the service was prompt and good. Really enjoyed dining there.

Seoul Garden 2

There was limited choice of sauces so I only took the korean chili sauce and the bbq meat dipping sauce with extra chili padi.

Seoul Garden 1

The grill was well greased so the meat didn’t stick too much. We could control the hotplate temperature as well.
Overall all, the food was not bad and I was glad that I didn’t over eat from the buffet. =)


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