Corn Cream Pasta with Egg

Corn Cream Pasta

I attempted to make pasta using cream of corn as the sauce but it kinda didn’t work out very well. I used the corn soup powder which my brother bought from Japan, but I added too much water and so, instead of a creamy sauce, mine was too watery. Also, the yolk of the soft boiled egg was slightly over cooked and I broke it before it reached the pasta. =(

Anyway, although the pasta looked ugly and unappetizing, the taste was quite good. I swear that I am not lying! It’s just like using cream of chicken as a white sauce for pasta. Go ahead and try it. Just remember not to add too much water when heating up the corn soup powder.

– boiled pasta
– 1 packet of corn soup powder
– 1 soft boiled egg
– salt and pepper to taste

Just boil the pasta to al dente, heat up some water and dissolve the corn soup powder in. When reduced to a thick consistency, add in the pasta, add salt and pepper to taste. Serve it with a soft boiled egg.

Extremely easy, isn’t it?


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