Kway Chap from Bugis

Went to Bugis after my morning cycling session in east coast park. I was quite drained of energy from waking up early and the 2 hours of cycling. But it was fun and good for toning my legs, so no complains~

Pakcik and I went to the hawker opposite Bugis Street. It’s a place full of awesome tasting local food! I could hardly decide on what eat. In the end, I told myself to get the item which first come to my sight.
And so, I got the Kway Chap because the family at the next table was eating it. Lol!



I was lazy to choose the items so I just ordered the set for 1 person. It came with sliced pork belly, tau pok (fried tofu), pig skin, pig intestines, and hard boiled egg. I love all the items except the tau pok… I should have changed it to salted veggie instead. Never mind, I will remember to do so at the next visit. Anyway, I was glad that Pakcik doesn’t eat intestines so I could enjoy the entire plate by myself! =)


Pakcik had the satay bee hoon which was very delicious! But because the portion was quite small, he went to get a plate of rojak after that.

By the time I get home in the evening, I was so tired that I slept till 9pm and skipped dinner. Guess I can no longer deny that age is catching up on me… A little workout plus shopping can drain so much energy… =___=”


6 responses to “Kway Chap from Bugis

  1. i love this kway chup stall! one of the very few decent kway chup left.

  2. The dish in the 3rd photo looks awesome. Was it spicy at all?

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