Lunch Buffet @ Senki Japanese Restaurant

I bought the vouchers from for lunch buffet at Senki Japanese Restaurant some time ago and got my cousins and Pakcik to join me for the sushi feast. The usual price for lunch buffet is $30++ (drinks not included), but with the voucher we only paid around $27 per person. I have been to Senki a couple of times before for dinner and I really like the food, especially the sashimi.

We arrived at the restaurant 5 mins earlier and were rejected at the door because the staff insisted that the restaurant only opens at 11.30 am sharp. =___=”
There are already about 11 people waiting at the door. Well, I don’t see the difficulty in registering the customers’ vouchers and get them seated first so that the staff won’t be over-whelmed by the influx of customers at 11.30 am sharp. The staff can inform the customers that food service will not start until 11.30 am and I bet everyone would be more than happy to be seated and get to browse through the menu first.
Anyway, the staff rejected another couple at 11.29am and then opened the door at 11.30am. =___=” Serious.??

As predicted, the counter was jammed with customers and the staff then fumbled through the reservation list and get us seated. They then repeatedly asked for our vouchers to verify, to check, and to bill us. =___=” All these could have been made easier if they do all the logistics before 11.30am. I mean why stand there and wait for the time to pass when you could make your life easier for the later part of business hours?

Anyway, we were given the table on the 2nd floor and the Filipino staff were so much friendlier than the non-local Chinese on the first floor. Count ourselves lucky~
Our drinks were served very promptly and food came pretty quickly after ordering.


We started off with the salmon and tuna sashimi. Cousins and Pakcik agreed that the sashimi was very fresh and the quality was way better than other restaurants’ buffet. Both the salmon and tuna were very firm and sliced to the thickness which we enjoy. One good thing about Senki is that we can choose the portion size for the most of the food items. So we don’t have to worry that we couldn’t finish certain items because the serving size is too big.
Note: Extra wasabi will be served upon request. Only the soy sauce is placed on the table.


All of us had the chawanmushi but found it to be a bit too bland. I had the chawanmushi in the previous visit and it was way better than this. Wonder what caused the change in taste…

Miso soup

I had the miso soup with pork belly and I totally love it. Cousin said it was a bit salty but I think otherwise. Love the tender and thinly sliced pork belly with the soup~

ebi fry

The ebi fry was quite good but a little on the oilier side. But the panko was very crispy and the katsu sauce made the ebi very tasty. As you can see, we ordered 4 pieces of ebi so that we didn’t have to fight over or push around any remaining pieces. =)

spider maki

Cousin ordered the spider maki (comes in 6s) which vanished within seconds. LOL! Bite-sized items tend to disappear more quickly.

mango salad

I remembered eating a lot of this mango salad in my last visit, but for this time, the mango was slightly sour and less creamy. Maybe it’s not the mango season now.


The Enoki Maki (enoki mushroom wrapped in sliced pork) was awesome! This is probably the best I have ever eaten! The pork was so tender, the enoki absorbed the sweet sauce and the bits of crispy unknown thingy (I guessed it’s garlic) were perfect match! And of course, the 4 hungry pigs fought over it.


This is named Shake Teppan and it’s another yummilicious dish! The thick, fat chuck of salmon was grilled to perfection and the skin was still crispy despite being coated with sweet sauce. It’s served with kimchi (which I have no idea why) on a hotplate.

While gorging ourselves, we noticed the next table eating a giant plate of salmon head. Pakcik immediately commented that we should order anything except that. None of us would be able to finish that humongous braised head.
Just as Pakcik finished his statement, the staff came to our table with that huge salmon head saying that it’s complimentary!! We stared at the staff and the fish for a second before asking if we could not have it. She seemed surprised. Probably we were one of the rare customers who don’t want the fish head. Thank goodness that we didn’t need to eat that, otherwise, we might not have room for other stuff.


The gyoza was good. The skin was thin and crispy and the filling was very juicy. Cousin who is a big fan of gyoza totally enjoyed it.
cheese pork cutlet

The Chiizu Katsu (breaded pork cutlet with cheese) tasted alright. Maybe they could marinate the pork more to make it less bland.

chicken wing

The Tebasaki (grilled chicken wings) was great. The coloration of the skin was so pretty!


Pakcik had all the shishamo to himself as cousins and I don’t like it. I felt weird eating pregnant fish. I know it’s irony because I do love crab with roes, and I eat plenty of salmon roes etc. But just the idea of tiny eggs inside the stomach of the fish makes me have goose bumps.


The grilled saba with salt was good too! Crispy skin with juicy meat~ Perfect with a few drops of lemon!


Since SK loves prawns, I went ahead and ordered 6 pieces of ebi tempura. Glad that I made the right choice because the tempura was tasty! Nice batter and not greasy. It’s so crispy that I almost ate the tail as well.


The fried tofu was normal. The batter could be more crispy and the sauce was a little too watery. Plus, it has the strong soy bean taste which SK hates.


This Niku Shoga Yaki (stir fried beef with onion and ginger sauce) was the killer. I mean stomach space killer.
Because this is one of the items with standard serving size, I couldn’t request for a smaller portion. There was enough beef to feed at least 6 people. And what’s worse, cousin Smelly Min (yep, we nicknamed her that) didn’t like red meat, and Pakcik was already full. So I was responsible for finishing that huge bowl of beef since I was the one who ordered it. =(
The beef was great but too much of it can very stressful to my almost-full-tummy. =P

garlic fried rice

Smelly Min ordered the garlic fried rice which I would highly recommend it to everyone! The rice was so fragrant that I think I could finish 3 bowls of it. Even Smelly Min who already surrendered earlier finished the entire bowl of rice.

Just as we were resting our stomach, feeling drowsy and falling into food coma, the staff came with the gunkan. The gunkan which we ordered in the beginning and only made it to the table after 1+ hour.
We stared at it and exclaimed “Oh no! They remembered this order!” A few seconds later, the guys at the next table said the same thing as well. LOL!


So I was in-charged of finishing thr minced tuna gunkan and Pakcik was the ebiko gunkan. I can’t tell you the taste because I was full to my throat. =P

I feel that Senki serves good food and definitely value for money. Cousins and I like the place and will surely returned again when we crave for Japanese food.

A little bonus for MyDailyMoo readers, here are the pictures of the buffet menu (accurate as of Dec 2012):

menu 8

menu 7

menu 4

menu 3

menu 2

menu 1

menu 6

menu 5


The rest of the pages are drinks menu and they are not included in the buffet price.


6 responses to “Lunch Buffet @ Senki Japanese Restaurant

  1. Wow, what a feast! I think if I ever went there I would never leave. Beaytiful pictures.

  2. Again……woooaaaaahhhhhh, very good. This all looks amazing and especially the mushrooms with wrapped in pork. A great selection of food for $27.00 😛

  3. Try Ikoi @Miramar Hotel..

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