Butter Cookies

This is my second attempt in baking butter cookies and it’s a success!

I adapted the recipe from wikiHow, but reducing the sugar level by half. Didn’t want to have such a sweet cookie.

This is the picture of the dough before putting into the oven:

cookie dough

I had several cute cookie cutters (plastic) which I bought from Daiso long time ago and finally get to use them today. I only made 2 designs – bear and hippo. I didn’t want to make too many variations because SK is lazy and the baking may varies for different sizes of cookies.

It took me 3 hours to make and bake using the dough made from 750gm of flour. I must say that the first 45 mins was pretty fun but the remaining hours were just torturing. I even had a batch of hippos without eyes because I was tired and totally forgot about it. So they are now named the blind hippos.

cute butter cookies

So here’s a picture of the successful first batch of butter cookies~
Aren’t they cute???????

Mum came home and started stealing my cookies while I wasn’t looking.
No wonder the container couldn’t get filled after making so many cookies!

Anyway, although the process was very tiring (because I was baking alone), I am glad that the cookies turned out well. =)
Unlike the first attempt when I burnt all of them. Here’s the picture of the burnt ones which I made on Wednesday:

burnt cookies

See? The rabbits looked like zombie rabbits! Plus, they wouldn’t crack even when we threw them on the floor. =___=”


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