Silk @ SICC

We had company lunch at Silk in SICC today. Boss said this is also the doomsday lunch just in case we don’t see each other after today. LOL!


This is not going to be a post with many pictures of food. Reason being, how annoying it would be if your colleague stops everyone (including bosses) from eating just to take a picture of the dish. Hmm… not a wise move right?
So I only snap a few pictures of some lunch highlights. Although I was doing it very secretly, boss still noticed it. LOL!

We started off with some dim sum. Ordered xiao long bao, siew mai, braised chicken feet, fried yam dumpling, seafood in beancurd roll, and pan-fried water chestnut kueh.


Had the XLB which was pretty good. Very thin dumpling skin which breaks easily and the soup inside was tasty. If today is the end of the world, at least I can die in peace having eaten my favorite dim sum~

Siew Mai

I like the siew mai and will definitely recommend it. The sliced Chinese mushroom in it was so fragrant! I don’t mind having the entire basket to myself~

Abalone soup

After the dim sum, we each had a bowl of soup. It’s abalone, dried scallop, chicken, chicken feet, some other collagen-filled thingy, and herbs soup. The baby abalone was very tender, dried scallop was huge and the soup was quite tasty. Yum yum~

Fried Rice

We had other dishes such as the soy chicken, coffee pork ribs and stir fried kai lan with garlic, but I didn’t take pictures of them.
Here’s the rice recommended by the waiter. It’s named Crispy Fried Rice with preserved turnip. It’s a very interesting combination of crispy rice, sweet preserved turnip and seafood fired rice. We all love this rice and told boss to tabao for us if he comes to SICC for lunch next time!

We ended lunch with the pan-fried red bean pancake. It’s not bad but I like the banana red bean pancake from Yum Cha more.

Ok, SK is well-fed and ready for doomsday~


3 responses to “Silk @ SICC

  1. Nice pictures you taken here… Looks so yummy!

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