Kinda Egg Overdosed


Had lunch at Cawanmas Cafe in KSL again. This time I want to recommend the sardine with egg toast. Basically, between the bread toast, there’s minced sardine, lettuce, fried egg, mayonnaise and sweet chili sauce. I must say the the combination is really good and if you are a sardine lover, you must try this!

I was a bit greedy so I had 2 soft boiled eggs as well. Unknowingly I have eaten 3 eggs for lunch. Opps! Thank goodness I don’t have to worry about my cholesterol level and these were eggs with Omega 3~


I love drinking Milo from this type of traditional cup. It brings back happy memories of my childhood! I used to pour the hot Milo onto the saucer and then slip from there. =)
This is the type of childhood memory which children nowadays will not get or appreciate.


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