Post LASIK updates

Finally did my LASIK surgery this morning!
I will write about the surgery process in another post.
Here’s my updates on post surgery:

15mins post surgery:
No pain because the anaesthesia is still working. I was able to see but it’s cloudy vision.

45mins post surgery:
Stingy feeling started, especially on the right eye. Very sensitive to light and could bearly open my eyes. Wore shade but it’s not of much help.

1 hour post surgery:
Very stingy feeling as if there is sand in the eyes. I applied the eye drops for the 2nd time, covered with eye guards and went to sleep after taking a sleeping pill.

2 hour post surgery:
Pakcik woke me up for eye drops application. Could hardly open my eyes due to the stingy feeling and dried tears. I took 2 pills of Panadol Extra before going back to sleep. Eye guards on. Nap again.

3 & 4 hours post surgery:
Woke up for eye drops again. Slightly less stingy feeling. Able to open eyes slightly more. Nap again.

5 hours post surgery:
No more pain or stingy feeling. Able to open 60% of my eyes. Applied eye drops, put back eye guards and went back to nap.

6 hours post surgery:
No pain or stingy feeling. Able to open 80% of eyes. Applied eye drops, put back eye guards and back to light nap.

7 hours post surgery:
A little sandy feeling in the right eye. Took 1 pill of Panadol Extra. Applied eye drops. Able to use phone for a while. Still cloudy vision.

8 hours post surgery:
Able to put eye drops on my own. Eye guards not required anymore since I am not going to nap. No stingy feeling but cloudy vision. Able to see things well up to 5 metres.

9 hours post surgery:
Put eye drops myself. Seeing halos everywhere. It’s actually quite fun to see colorful halos on the street. Eye balls still a bit swollen. There’s a ring of blood capillary burst due to the suction applied during surgery.

10 hours post surgery:
Still cloudy and halo vision. Applied eye drops. Cousins laughed at my ugly eyes and no make-up look. =____=”
Eyes open at only 80% because of tiredness.

11-13 hours post surgery:
Slight cloudy vision. Painless. Eyes can open fully without difficulty. Continued on hourly eye drops. Star burst effect when looking at night lights.

14 hours post surgery:
Applied eye drops for the last time today. Put on eye guards and prepare to sleep. No pain nor stingy feeling.


4 responses to “Post LASIK updates

  1. hope you recover soon, SK. take care! hope to see pics of you soon. šŸ™‚

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