Nam Nam Noodle Bar @ Wheelock Place

Had lunch at Nam Nam Noodle Bar after my post lasik review. It’s located at the basement in Wheelock Place.

Beef Pho

I had the set lunch ($9.90) which comes with a pho, rice roll and drink. I chose the beef pho. Since it’s the first time I had pho, I didn’t have any comparison. So according to my first-timer experience, the pho was alright. The soup was quite salty even though I didn’t add any additional seasoning. The beef was superbly tender and the pho itself was alright.

Vietnamese Rice Roll

The rice roll was good especially when dipped in the sauce provided.
I had a pot of tea but I can’t remember what it was. Anyway, the tea was tasteless.

Meatball Sandwich

Pakcik had the meatball sandwich and he said it tasted delicious. I saw him added quite a lot of chilli sauce to it before eating.

The staff at the counter was rather weak in English so I had a hard time communicating with her. Thank goodness there are other staff who can speak English and Chinese. By the way, there is no service charge and GST.


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