Post Lasik Day 9

I went for my post lasik 1 week review yesterday. The doctor said that I had 6/6 (or 20/20) vision! It’s so cool right? I was worried that I may not be able to get rid of all the degrees as they were rather high (left eye: 550 degrees with 125 astigmatism, right eye: 675 degrees with 50 astigmatism). But now, I am so glad that my eye sight is almost perfect!

The doctor said that I need to get rid of the dry eyes even though it’s a common side effect. Dry eyes is one of the factors that will cause the degrees to resurface. To help keep my eyes moisturized, I was told to use Vidisic Gel 4 times a day, on top of the hourly lubricating eye drops. The medication eye drops will be stopped as of yesterday.
Doctor also told me that I no longer need to wear eye guards when I sleep, free to apply make-up and wash my face normally! Yeah~~!

I am trying my very best to practice proper eye care. Tried to remember to sit properly when using the computer at work, maintain a distance of 30cm when using the phone, avoid reading in the dark and rest my eyes as and when possible. I don’t want to waste my money doing lasik and allow the degrees to come back after a few years.

Now the next milestone is the 1 month post lasik review and the recovery from seeing star burst and halos at night.


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