Southwest Tavern @ Tradehub 21

Are you brave enough to try the Jolokia pepper which was previously the hottest chilli in the Guiness World Record? If so, you need to pay Southwest Tavern a visit.

Located at Tradehub 21 along Boon Lay way, this cowboy themed restaurant serves a dish named “Suicide Wings” which totally burned my tongue, throat and the remaining GI tract downwards. So here’s what happened on this lovely Friday night…

Met up with Hua and her bf, D, at the Southwest Tavern (D recommended this place). Pakcik and I were hungry so we had a jug of Tiger beer ($20) and the Bloomin’ Onion ($12) while waiting for them to arrive.

Southwest Tavern

Southwest Tavern 1


It’s a nice place to chill and catch up with friends or colleagues. There’s a pool table in the restaurant and soccer screening too. If you hate the over-crowded bars in town, Southwest Tavern is definitely a good alternative with great food and ice cold beers at awesome prices. Plus, the staff are very friendly and makes you feel welcomed.

Ok, back to the food.

Bloomin Onion

That’s the Bloomin’ Onion ($12) which I totally enjoyed. Look at the lightly battered onion slices which were so beautifully fried to golden brown. The batter was very crispy and the onions still retained the juiciness. The portion is sufficient for 3-4 people as a starter or snacks to go with your beer!

Suicide Wings

As you may have already known, SK is quite good in taking spicy food and her favourite is chili padi. Therefore, SK will definitely try the Suicide Wings which were said to be insanely spicy. The very kind staff asked me twice if I was sure about that order and warned me that the wings are extremely spicy. Not believing the staff, I went ahead to confirm the order.

So the suicide wings (6 for $18) topped with innocent looking chilli sauce were served. SK used her fork to dip in the sauce and tasted it. It was just a tiny dip.
1 second post ingestion: Hmmm…. That’s alright.
2 seconds post ingestion: Hmmm.. Yep.. It’s kinda spicy…
3 seconds post ingestion: Wooo… The spiciness is building up..
4 seconds post ingestion: SSSSSSSSSSSSS…… my tongue is burning and my throat stings!
5 seconds post ingestion: WATER!! GIVE ME WATER!!

Pakcik rolled his eyes when he saw my reaction. Thinking that I was too drama, he tried a tiny bit of the sauce too. Well, scroll up and read the post ingestion reactions. Pakcik’s face and lips were crimson and sweats broke out from his forehead.

Hua and D arrived shortly. We told them about the wings. Each of us took 1 wing and began the challenge. Ok, scroll up again and read post ingestion reactions.
Both Hua and I were tearing, lips turned sausages, skin itching, stomach burning, and voice turned hoarse. I hereby swear that I am not exaggerating and that’s the reaction after taking only 1 bite of the wing.
Without having us to ask, the staff served us iced water. The two guys tried to be cool and held back their tears but were sweating as though they just came back from jogging or something.

Ok, word of advice: There is a choice of normal chicken wings dipped in bbq or hot sauce. Otherwise, be prepared to experience 10 minutes of hell time if you order the suicide wings.
After having a chat with the boss, he said that although he eats that suicide wings everyday, he still thinks it’s suicidal. Plus, he aims to get hold of the other world’s spiciest chilli (Trinidad Scorpion) and add to the existing recipe. I asked if he is plotting on some kind of murder.. LOL~

Alright, let’s move on to some other food that is not from hell.

Double Cheeseburger(Photo courtesy of Hua)

Hua and D had the Double Cheeseburger ($18). The patties were really thick and juicy. I love the chunky fries a lot!

Chicken Fingers

The Chicken Fingers ($10) are one of my favorites too! The seasoning was great and cream of mushroom was served as a dipping sauce! I can totally eat 2 baskets by myself. =)


The pizza topped with lotsa cheese was not bad. The pizza dough is thick so it can be quite filling. I prefer thin crust pizza more.

We stayed at the restaurant till 12+am and there were still quite a number of customers hanging around. The staff did not chase us out even though it’s past their closing hour. I am definitely bringing more friends to Southwest Tavern because the food is good and service is awesome!
Plus, Pakcik parked his car in Tradehub 21 from 7.30pm till 1.15am. Guess how much was the parking fee?
$0.25! Yep! It’s only 25 CENTS! Awesome right???


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