So Wassup?

I have so much to write since I hadn’t been blogging for months… but I really don’t know where to start… Maybe when I am free over the weekends I will do some back dated posts. Hmmm… fingers crossed.  =)
Anyway, if you are interested in my food pictures, follow me on instagram (@lavitaz)~
However, I hold no responsibility for any direct or indirect cause of hunger pangs from ig pictures viewing.

And so, what have I been busy with?

Minus the weekday working hours, I have been doing tons of research for my travels. In March, I went to Malacca over a weekend and Bali for a short trip. The Bali trip was very rewarding and I really should write about it in a separate post. The marvelous achievement I made in Bali shall be shared to all. =)

Ok, so for this month, or rather next week, I will be taking my class 3 (manual) driving test. The test comprises of 2 parts: the circuit in the driving centre and the actual road. I am pretty much confident driving on the road, but I tend to forget to check the rear mirror before moving off and braking. This may cause me a lot of points deduction, so I must remember to check!
For the circuit, I have not tried it at all. Yep, it’s true, my instructor has never let me learn the circuit. So Monday will be my very first time in the circuit, then a revision session on Wednesday, just 1 hour before my actual test. Initially, he wanted me to just have 1 session which is on Wednesday, but I made him book another session on Monday. Seriously, I don’t think I am genius enough to learn the circuit in just 1 session and expect to pass the test. He must have thought too highly of me, or, he secretly wants me to fail.   =__=”

I am kinda nervous and excited for the test. I hope the tester will be friendly. Not sure if I can strike a conversation with him during the test. My instructor always chats with me during lessons which makes driving less boring. I wonder how some students survive the long lessons when their instructors only give instructions and nothing more. Fingers crossed for Wednesday!

After the driving test is done, I will be going for holiday in Switzerland and Italy. My flight is on Friday night and I will reach Zurich on their Saturday morning. It’s going to be a 1-week trip. Yes, I know it’s too short, but the initial plan was only to explore Switzerland. Now that I have added Milan into the itinerary, 1 week seems way too short. Never mind, I can always plan another Europe trip next time.

This will be a free and easy trip for Pakcik and I. As usual, I did ALL the research and planning. For someone who has never been to these two countries, it’s really quite a challenge. Unless I am super rich and the word “budget” doesn’t exist in my dictionary, then trip planning would be a piece of cake. Otherwise, I have to do research on a lot of stuff even if it’s just a 8 days trip. In exchange for my hard work, my flight tickets will be sponsored by Pakcik. This is fair, isn’t it?  =)

So after returning from this mid year holiday, I will be going for a business trip to Philippines in June. The meeting will be held in Manila, Makati city, and I will be there for 4 days. Hopefully, I get to have some time after the meeting for some shopping.

There’s a long weekend in August due to National day and Hari Raya. Nothing is planned for that weekend yet. Maybe I will just slack around in Singapore.

For September, Pakcik and I will be heading to Phuket for a short 4 days trip. I told Pakcik that for the past 5 years, I have been planning all our holidays, so this trip shall be settled by him. Although I said that, but every single cell in me knows that that’s not going to happen. If I ever let him plan, I would find ourselves standing on a foreign street, lost, and wasting time. =__=”
I am not a control freak. But if we decide that we are just going to explore without a plan, at least he must know how to read a map and open his mouth to ask for directions. It makes my blood boil when I have to keep doing the navigation. I don’t understand why some guys would rather waste time and energy walking around aimlessly than to ask for directions.
Anyway, I hope to stay in a nice resort, preferably with a private pool/direct pool access/Jacuzzi and good breakfast.

And then the last pre-booked trip will be to Bali in Jan 2014. I bought the air tickets because it only cost me $14.10! Yep, only $14.10 for a return air ticket! It’s one of the Jetstar’s promotion for flights to and from Bali in Jan 2014. Supposed to go with Princess LL but her school timetable is not out yet, so I end up buying for Pakcik and myself. Felt so lucky to get those tickets because they were sold out in less than 1.5 hours. Plus, for only $14.10, I wouldn’t mind flying there just to have the Babi Guling and then fly back~ Even my cab fare to work costs more than this! LOL~


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