May Holiday Day 4 – Castello Sforzesco & Serravalle Designer Outlet

We woke up early again because we have a planned schedule for the day. The main itinerary was to shop at Serravalle Designer Outlet from 11am – 8pm but we ended up visiting the Castello Sforzesco by chance.

So we had our buffet breakfast in level 1 of Albert Hotel. This was already included in the cost of our room.


The breakfast spread includes bread, pastries, cheese, ham, eggs, cereal, yoghurt, coffee and juices. I feasted on the sweet croissant (I prefer plain ones), madeleine, hams, cheese and eggs. Usual for breakfast, I prefer to have savory food, whereas for Pakcik, he likes all the sweet stuff like tarts, cakes and fruits.


Pakcik ordered a cup of cappuccino from the friendly staff. The coffee was quite good so I stole it from Pakcik and made him order again. =)

After breakfast, we went to the metro station (just beside Milano Centrale) to take a train to Cairoli where we can get the bus ticket to Serravalle Designer Outlet. There were too many people at the ticketing machines, so we queued to purchase the ticket from the ticketing booth. This saves us trouble from figuring out how to use the machine too. We have a choice of getting a day ticket at €4.50 (unlimited trip within 24 hours) or a single trip ticket (€1.50 regardless of distance). We took the single trip ticket as we were only taking the train twice for that day.

train ticket

This is how the single trip ticket looks like. Remember to collect the ticket after inserting at the gantry.

Milan Train Map

Here’s a portion of the metro train map. We were taking from Centrale FS (green line) to Lanza. The staff advised us to alight at Lanza and walk from there. But from our experience, it is easily and nearer to alight at Cairoli (green line and change to red line) and walk to Zani Viaggi Milano where we would purchase the bus ticket.
It is easy to get around with the metro train. Just follow the signs and you will be able to change trains without problem.

travel agency

This is the travel agency that provides to and fro transport for shopping at the designer outlet. There are 2 time slots: 10am-5pm (€20) or 11am – 8pm (€25). We bought the second time slot.


This is how the bus ticket looks like. Remember to keep it for the return bus ride.

Since we were early, we walked around Cairoli area and stumbled upon Castello Sforzesco.

Castello Sforzesco 0

The castle built in the 14th century and later reconstructed by Francesco Sforza who was the Duke of Milan to turn into his residence. The construction and enlargement of the castle continued in the 16th and 17th century. Many artists were called to decorate the castle and one of them was Leonardo da Vinci. Today, it houses museums and art collections.
Entrance fee is only applicable to museums inside the castle.

Pakcik and I had limited time, so we skipped the museums and just walk through the castle. Here are some pictures to share:

Castello Sforzesco

Castello Sforzesco 1

Castello Sforzesco 2

Castello Sforzesco 3

Castello Sforzesco 4

Castello Sforzesco 5

Castello Sforzesco 6

Castello Sforzesco 7

Castello Sforzesco 8

That’s about it for our little tour in the castle.

One gentle reminder to tourists (from our experience): You may be approached by random stranger (ours was a black man) who offered to give you a friendship band and claiming that it’s free of charge. DO NOT accept the gift and walk away quickly. They can be quite persistent but will give up after you “escape” from them. Truth is, these strangers will demand for money after you accept the gift. And be mindful if you want a stranger to take photographs of you. There is a risk of them running away with your camera while you are happily posing for the picture.


On our way back to the travel agency, Pakcik bought a cup of gelato to satisfy his craving.

We boarded the bus and it was an hour’s ride to the designer outlet.


milan road

It’s so interesting to see trams and other vehicles sharing the same road and they also have bus lanes as well.

milan road 2

Plus, there are so many lanes and directions on the road. Trust me, if SK were to drive in Milan, she will (without fail) turn into the wrong lane and drive in the opposite direction. =P

After sleeping for 1 hour, we arrived at the Serravalle Designer Outlet.

Serravalle Designer Outlet

Serravalle Designer Outlet 1

For the list of brands, you can visit its website:

For fans of Gucci, Burberry, Prada, etc., trust me, you will find this place a heaven. Remember to bring more credit cards, or, bring your bf/husband/lover along~ LOL~

We settled our lunch at Spizzico.


spizzico 1

There was a good variety of food. Pakcik decided that we have pizza because the waiting time is shorter.

spizzico 2

The 2 set meals (pizza + soft drinks + fries) cost about €15. And we have to pay for every packet of ketchup. =__=” No wonder my friend was ecstatic when she found that condiments are free of charge in Singapore (except for McD’s nugget sauce).

ferrari store

The man was very interested in the Ferrari store.

ferrari car

By the way, we weren’t allowed to take pictures inside the store. One interesting thing about the store is the motion sensor door bell. It will play the Ferrari car zoom sound whenever someone enters the shop. Lol~ I can imagine how annoying it is if customers keep walking in and out of the store for the entire day.
We didn’t buy any stuff from there because we noticed that the merchandise were made in China. For that reason, I believe we can get it at a better price in Asia.

lindt ice cream

How could we not have chocolate ice cream from Lindt store??
And of course, we bought assorted flavors of Lindt chocolates at awesome price~

After 6 hours of shopping, we were tired.
Time for dinner~


Pakcik wanted to try BK because he noticed the difference in the burger’s size. True enough, the burgers are huge compared to the ones we had in Singapore. I seriously think that BK in Singapore should be renamed to Burger Little or Burger Junior. Definitely not worthy to be called Burger King.

BK 2

Sorry Pakcik for posting your unglam photo. =)
This is just to show the size of the burger we had.

Alright, that’s all for Day 4 of my trip. By the time we return to Milan, it was already 9+pm and we were eager to get some rest.
Do check out my Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3 stories if you have not done so~

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