May Holiday Day 5 Part I – San Siro

This is the first part of my Day 5 itinerary in Milan.
We have planned to do sightseeing on day 5. This will be the last full day in Milan before we depart for Zurich on day 6.

Our first stop is to San Siro. The stadium is named Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, but people commonly call it San Siro. It is the home stadium for AC Milan and Inter Milan. I did my research on how to get there and knowing that the season is over and shuttle bus is only available on match days, we had to walk from the metro station. There are several ways to get to the stadium and you can visit its website to find out.

For us, we took the metro train from Centrale FS (green line) to Cadorna FN, then change to the red line at Cadorna FN station to Lotto Fieramilanocity station.

This time, we bought the 1-day ticket, and this is how the ticket looks like:

day ticket

It costs €4.50 for unlimited train rides within 24 hours. As mentioned in my previous post, remember to take your ticket after inserting at the gantry. You will need the ticket for all the train rides within the 24 hours. And beware of random women standing by the ticketing machines and offering to help you purchase the ticket. Your sympathy for their stories will not be rewarded. That’s from my personal experience during this trip.

From the Lotto metro station, it’s a good 20 minutes walk to the stadium. It will be useful if you bring along a map or GPS, just to make sure that you are not walking in the opposite direction.

Here’s some of the stuff we saw along the way.


graffiti 1

After about 5 mins walk from the metro station, you will find yourself on this pavement (Via Caprilli) with a long wall of graffiti. This will be a 15 mins walk (including photo taking time) before you reach a Y junction, and you have to cross the road and walk towards the right (Piazzale dello Sport) in order to reach the stadium.

graffiti 2

graffiti 3

graffiti 4

graffiti 5

graffiti 6

graffiti 7

After turning right at the end of this stretch of painted walls, we found ourselves outside Gallop Horse Track, so we went in to take a few pictures of Leonardo da Vinci’s horse.

Leonardo Horse

Leonardo Horse 2

Leonardo Horse 3

Leonardo Horse 4

After that, we crossed the road and continue towards the right until we reached the entrance of the stadium.

At San Siro, there is a museum (opens daily from 10am to 6pm) and guided stadium tour (every 20 mins from opening, but subjected to change during match/event days). To avoid disappointment, do check out the website for any timing changes before you go. The ticket booth is at Gate 14, which is a long walk from the main entrance. We later found a shortcut out of the stadium but kinda difficult to navigate for first time tourists like us.

san siro ticket

Here’s our ticket to the museum and guided tour. It’s €13 per adult. If you are not interested in the tour, the museum ticket is sold at €7 per adult.

san siro

coin souvenir

Yea, being a tourist, I bought both the coins. =) We bought a lot of coins when we were in Greece too.

Photographs are allowed in the museum, but strictly no videoing. There are a good collection of past jerseys, trophies, shoes, etc. from both AC and Inter Milan. Some of the exhibits were really old like cotton jerseys. Here’s some pictures to share.




Taking picture with my idol’s stuff!




To me, the most exciting item in the museum is my idol’s jersey! Ronaldo Luis Nazario de Lima is the reason I started watching soccer in 1998 and have been supporting Brazil in FIFA World Cup since then~ I think the best combination is Ronaldo and Ronaldinho, because both of them are so talented!
Anyway, my current idol is Neymar and Hulk.

After the museum, we joined the stadium tour. The guide spoke in English so we have no problem understanding.
First, we went to see the field and the 80,018 spectator seats.

san siro

san siro 1

san siro 2

I felt so minute in the huge stadium.

san siro 3

Next, the guide led us to the changing room of Inter Milan.

Inter Milan

Inter Milan changing room

Inter Milan changing room 1


Inter Milan changing room 2

Inter Milan changing room 3

Lol~ I even took picture of their shower room.
Next, we headed to the AC Milan changing room.

AC Milan

AC Milan changing room

The moment I stepped in, I noticed the huge difference in the 2 changing rooms. I wonder why AC Milan’s has such pretty chairs. Pakcik wished he could have 1 at home.

AC Milan changing room 1

AC Milan changing room 2

AC Milan changing room 3

That’s was cool~ It’s not what we usually get to see on TV.

press conference

This is the press conference area. The guide explained that the backdrop was set up for AC Milan because they had a match on the 19th.

san siro 2

Lastly, we were brought to the VIP area. The guide was joking that the easiest way to watch a match from the VIP area is to know one of the players.

san siro

san siro 1

san siro 3

With that, we came to the end of the guided tour.

san siro 4

Wished I could watched a match in this stadium~

san siro 5

san siro store

We headed straight to the San Siro store~!
Yep, we finished our first stop of the day. Next stop will be Leonardo’s exhibition at Duomo station. Stay tuned~

Do check out my Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, and Day 4 itineraries~

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  1. Very cool, this is awesome!

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