May Holiday Day 5 Part II – Il Mondo di Leonardo

After leaving San Siro, we took the Metro train down to Duomo station. In this post, I will be writing about the Il Mondo di Leonardo (an exhibition of Leonardo da Vinci’s inventions and digitalized restorations of his great paintings).
But before I go on writing about the exhibition, let me show you what we had for lunch that day~

bar duomo

We went to Bar Duomo which is a bistro and cafe located right in front of Duomo di Milano. There is a choice of al fresco dining or the air conditioned basement cafe. We went to the basement because it was too crowded outside.


After placing our orders, the very friendly staff served us olives and chips. Oh, I love the olives and the chips were as crispy as Red Rocks’.


I had a small cup of cappuccino while Pakcik went for the beer. In case you wonder, beer is usually cheaper than soft drinks in Europe. I wonder if that’s a good or bad thing.


The waiting time was about 10-15 minutes for both the main course to be served. I finished the chips before Pakcik realised it. =P


Due to poor lightning and me refusing to use flash, the pasta looked very yellowish. It’s actually more of a pale yellow. So, what I had was the spaghetti carbonara (€13).

I must say this is the best carbonara I ever had.
That’s because the spaghetti was al dente, perfectly coated with the cream sauce and the saltiness was just right. The taste of the egg and cream sauce was fantastic. The texture of the sauce remained the same even when it’s cooled. Plus, I finished all the pasta without feeling jerlat!
And of course, Pakcik kept stealing my pasta.


That is Pakcik’s Gnocchi Formaggi (€13).
I love that gnocchi too! It’s so nicely cooked that every bite was a pleasure. Ain’t easy to cook gnocchi. Normally, it will turn too mushy or still uncooked in the centre while the surface is already done.

The cheese sauce was rich but yet no jerlat feeling after finishing the whole plate. I remembered how difficult it was to finish half a plate of gnocchi at Antoinette because I just got so sick of the cream sauce. After tasting this, I started to believe that cream based pasta can be delicious to the last mouth too~ Even Pakcik kept asking for gnocchi after this meal. Now I can safely say that his favourite dish is Gnocchi in cheese sauce.


For dessert, I chose Tiramisu (€9). I guess this wasn’t a wise choice. The tiramisu was such a disappointment compared to the pastas. Not only it lacked the coffee aroma, it contained no liquor, and the chocolate sauce sux. I regretted not ordering the Parma ham with melon instead.

Anyway, the service was good and we tipped him well~

Next, we went to the exhibition which was located at Piazza della Scala which was 5 mins walk from Bar Duomo passing through the shops beside the cathedral.

piazza duomo

piazza duomo 1

We took the lift up to the exhibition entrance.


The exhibition is on from 01 March till 31 July 2013 and opens from 10am to 11pm daily. Ticket is available at €13.50 per person. Do check out the details on its website for more information.

Here’s a couple of pictures to share. For the rest, it’s better that you visit the museum. Otherwise it’s not fair to the people who put in hard work to hold the exhibition. =)



That’s all for Part II of the sightseeing day. Stay tuned for the last part of day 5 itineraries~
Do check out the earlier posts: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, and Day 5 Part I.


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