May Holiday Day 5 Part III – Duomo di Milano

Here comes the last part of Day 5 itinerary. Our last stop was to visit Duomo di Milano. It is amazing how this cathedral took 6 centuries to build. To avoid the massive tourist crowd, we scheduled our visit at around 3+pm.
The quadrangle outside the cathedral was so crowded almost all the time. As usual, beware of pickpockets and strangers approaching and offering you free gift.

duomo di milano

duomo di milano 1

duomo di milano 2

duomo di milano 3

duomo di milano 4

Entrance to the cathedral is free but for photography, we have to pay €2 (just 1 person paying will do) at the counter inside the cathedral. I was given a wristband to put on my right wrist. This is to indicate that I have paid the fee for taking photographs. Do visit its website for other regulations.

It is dimly lighted inside the cathedral which makes my pictures very grainy. The atmosphere was rather solemn. Thank goodness for the extremely high ceiling, otherwise I would be feeling claustrophobic. Similar to the temples I visited in Greece, the architecture of the duomo is very impressive.
Here are some of my €2 worth of pictures to share:

duomo di milano 8

duomo di milano 7

duomo di milano 5

duomo di milano 6

duomo di milano 9

duomo di milano 10

duomo di milano 11

duomo di milano 12

duomo di milano 14

duomo di milano 13

Our next stop was to get to the terraces of the cathedral. We bought our tickets from the small souvenir shop behind the cathedral.


There is a choice of going up by elevator (€12) and by foot (€7). Of course, I made Pakcik get the tickets with elevator ride. =)

duomo di milano

This is the back of the cathedral where the elevator is located. Below are pictures taken on the terraces.

duomo di milano terrace

duomo di milano terrace 1

duomo di milano terrace 2

duomo di milano terrace 3

duomo di milano terrace 4

After going one round, we reached the centre terrace.

duomo di milano terrace 5

duomo di milano terrace 6

duomo di milano terrace 7

duomo di milano terrace 8

And of course, the famous Madonnina.
I was experiencing a bit of altitude sickness when I was up on the terraces. Tried not to walk too fast or climb the stairs too quickly. I tend to have such problems because my haemoglobin level is low and my blood pressure is also on the lower end.
Anyway, we completed the Duomo tour and headed back to the streets for some shopping.

piazza duomo

The crowd in the quadrangle was lesser at around 6pm.


We walked down the street and stopped this Ferrari parked on the road. It was right next to the Ferrari store.

ferrari store

ferrari 2

For dinner, Pakcik couldn’t forget the gnocchi so we went back to Bar Duomo again.


He was totally pleased with his Gnocchi Formaggi~


This is the smaller serving (€13). The staff informed us that we could order the larger portion if that was not enough.


Mine was the 12″ pizza with 4 types of toppings on 4 separate quarters (Pizza 4 Stagioni – €15). The topping were mixed mushrooms, prosciutto, artichoke, and olives. Other than the artichoke being too dry and tough, the rest tasted great. I like the thin crust and rich tomato paste. I made Pakcik share the pizza with me because there is no way for me to finish a 12” pizza by myself.

Do try the food at Bar Duomo if you happen to be in Milan. Their great service will brighten your day too~

If you are interested, do check out my other posts on Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5 Part I, and Day 5 Part II itineraries.


2 responses to “May Holiday Day 5 Part III – Duomo di Milano

  1. Great photos and what an awesome experience. Loved the pizza 🙂

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