Nyonya & Baba Peranakan Cuisine

Last Saturday Pakcik and I went to Vivocity for lunch. Before that, we were browsing through pictures in Instagram to decide on what to eat. But after seeing too many pictures and overwhelmed with choices, I suggested going Vivocity because there are plenty of restaurants and cafe.
In the end, we settled for peranakan food at Nyonya & Baba as the big picture of curry fish head caught Pakcik’s attention.

We had the set meal for 2 ($58++) which includes white rice.

Chup Chye

The first dish was Chup Chye. Basically it’s braised cabbage, mushroom, black fungus, glass noodles, and bean curd skin. The taste was not bad, just like how my mum usually cooks at home. Except that, my mum always add sliced roasted pork to enhance the flavor.

ngoh hiang

The side dish was fried ngoh hiang. It’s mainly minced meat, carrot and water chestnut wrapped in bean curd skin and fried to golden brown. It’s also another dish which my mum always make during festivals because it’s more time consuming to make.
The ngoh hiang from this restaurant was pretty good. The skin was very crispy, the filling wasn’t greasy, and tasted good with the sweet chilli sauce and sweet sauce.


The 2nd side dish was fish otah. This tasted quite normal, nothing fancy. The otah was a bit dry.

Assam curry fish head

The last dish served was the assam curry fish head. There is only half a fish head in the claypot. For this dish, I find it disappointing.
First of all, the gravy was a let down. Assam curry is supposed to be sour and spicy, but I could only detect a faint taste of tamarind and the curry was too light. As you can see, the fish was cooked separately and only drenched with gravy before serving. I don’t like it because the fish tasted bland. And lastly, the whole dish wasn’t cooked in that claypot. I understand that this is to reduce waiting time but food usually tastes better if it’s cooked in a claypot.

The fish head didn’t taste bad but it’s just the type of food which will not attract me for a return visit.

dessert 1


Finally dessert was served. It’s chilled coconut kueh with sliced banana in it. Nothing special about.

Overall, the meal was a bit pricey because the food wasn’t fantastic. But since it’s Pakcik’s treat, I shan’t complain too much. =P


Here’s a pic of the day~ Also to celebrate because Pakcik received a pay rise~


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