Hard Rock Cafe

This year, my birthday dinner was at Hard Rock Cafe in Cuscaden Road. Pakcik said that we had too many buffet recently so no more buffet for the time being. He saw me watching Diners, Drive-ins and Dives everyday and always drool over the ribs and burgers that Guy Fieri eats, so he brought me to Hard Rock Cafe.

hard rock cafe


hard rock cafe 1


Frankly speaking, it’s the first time I stepped in a Hard Rock Cafe. Although the café is a bit old, the ambience is pretty good. And I like the chirpy staff who served our table.

Studying through the menu, I was trapped in the decision of whether to get a burger or ribs. When presented with too many choices, SK tends to not make any decision and leave the fate of her dinner to the dining partner.  When Pakcik asked what I wanted to eat, I tried to troll him by saying Seafood Char Kway Tiao. =P
And guess what, it’s really on the menu. They even have Nasi Goreng, Pho and Teriyaki Salmon! Interesting.

Enticed by the picture of the BBQ items, we ended up getting the trio combo, a jumbo starter and drinks.

pina colada


So I had the Pina Colada. LL introduced this drink to me when we were in Bali earlier this year. This drink has a rich coconut taste with a hint of pineapple. Yummy~



I forgot what Pakcik ordered, but it was a bluish drink that was rather refreshing.


So here’s the Jumbo Combo starter. It includes Santa Fe Spring Rolls with salsa, Hickory-Smoked Chicken Wings, Onion Rings, Potato Skins & Tupelo Chicken Tenders. Served with four different sauces: mayo, blue cheese, BBQ sauce and cheese.

onion rings


Special attention to the onion rings~ I like it a lot because of its crispy batter and juicy onion.

trio combo


trio combo 1


This is the Hickory smoked BBQ Trio Combo. It comes with BBQ ribs, BBQ chicken and smoked pulled pork and served with seasoned fries, ranch beans & fresh coleslaw. The ribs are good but kinda lack of meat. The half chicken was very tender and the pulled pork was pretty good too. Both of us almost couldn’t finish the food because we had such huge serving of starters.

Overall, it was a pretty good dinner~


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  2. Reblogged this on this ain't no bistro and commented:
    I am not a great fan of Hard Rock; but I thought this was both interesting and entertaining.

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