Ju Shin Jung @ West Coast

Last Saturday, Pakcik craved for Korean food so we went to Ju Shin Jung at the YESS centre in West Coast. We reached there at 2pm and was informed that 2.30pm was the last order and the restaurant closed at around 3pm. There is lunch buffet but we went for the ala carte.

ju shin jung

After ordering our items, the friendly staff served us the banchan. I have been to Ju Shin Jung a few times, and each time I ate so much banchan that I was half full before the main dish were served. =)



My favourite is the sweet pumpkin paste with red bean at the bottom. It’s so smooth, not too sweet and with a bit of red bean paste to compliment the taste.
Second favourite is the round pumpkin cake. I think it’s pumpkin because the color is alike.

banchan 1


The bean sprout and kimchi are delicious too. I like it that they have a variety of banchan at different visits, but my favourite items are always available.

cold noodles


I had the spicy cold noodles during my last visit, so this time I ordered the non-spicy version (usual $12 but $9.90 for lunch). The noodles came in beef broth with crushed ice, hard boiled egg, sliced beef and shredded veggies. As advised by the staff, we had to eat it first, otherwise the noodles would stick together in the cold broth.
Pakcik loves the sweet pear and the chewy tiny noodles. For such hot weather in Singapore, this is definitely an ideal noodle soup to have.

ginseng chicken


Next we had the Ginseng Chicken soup ($20). It’s one whole chicken stuffed with glutinous rice, ginseng, red dates and gingko nuts. If you are a small eater, this bowl of chicken will definitely fill up your stomach.
I love the soup because of the subtle ginseng taste and it’s not salty. Extra salt is provided  to eat with the tender chicken.

seafood pancake


There are kimchi pancake and seafood pancake on the menu. I chose the latter because I am a seafood lover~ I can never imagine life as a vegetarian. =P
I can’t remember if this item cost $18 or $20, but it’s a pretty big pancake of about 9″ in diameter. The edge was very crispy and tasted great with the dipping sauce. It may be a little oily for some.



Pakcik had his favourite Saba fish ($9.90 for lunch). It’s fried to golden brown but still retained the juiciness in the meat. Tasted great with a few drops of fresh lemon juice.



At the end of the meal, the lovely heart shaped watermelon and a small cup of sweet rice water was served. And we had fun pouring water on the 2 white tablets that expanded into wet towel instantly.

It was such a filling lunch that we had to walk it off at Labrador Park. Thank goodness the weather was cooling.

labrador park




I am so looking forward to this weekend’s munch time~


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