Latteria Mozzarella Bar

Last Monday I met up with my bff from high school. It’s been almost half a year since we last met, and she treated me dinner for my bday~
We finally catch up on what we have been doing and our plans for the future etc. And I was once again reminded of why we are bff. =)
Since both of us are in our late twenties, we no longer talk about whom we had a crush on, which hippy shops we should go to, etc. Now our conversation mainly focused on our careers, our potential husbands, next travel destinations, future kids etc.
It’s so awesome to know that we kinda think alike~
For example, both of us planned to get married in 1-2 years time. Our ideal hospital for delivery is Mount Alvernia. We want each other to be our bridesmaid. We both wanted to go to Tahiti for holiday etc.

So, she brought me to Latteria Mozzarella Bar at Duxton Hill.
It’s a pretty place with great service staff. The place reminds me of the restaurants in Milan.

Warm bread and balsamic vinaigrette was served after we placed our order.
As you can see from the name of the restaurant, mozzarella cheese is the speciality. They have a good selection of mozzarella in the menu, and bff recommended Stracciatella, Bottarga & Roast Zucchini.



The stracciatella cheese is really rich and creamy. Together with the roasted zucchini and rocket lettuce, and dusted with Bottarga (cured fish roe), the taste was great! Being a cheese lover, I would definitely order it in the next visit.



For the main, we decided to share because the serving size is huge.
I stick to bff’s recommendation because she frequents this restaurant. We had the Truffle & Smoked Mozzarella Risotto. See how huge the the plate was and the amount of risotto! I was expecting the 2-3 mouthful kind of serving size, but this really gave me a shock. A male customer (also first time in this restaurant) was amazed by it and asked if it’s a family restaurant.
Anyway, the risotto was really good. It had the chewy texture, and tasted great with the truffle and olive oil.
We tried our best but failed to finish all the risotto even though it was creamily yummy.

I must thank bff for bringing me to this restaurant. Maybe next time I will bring Pakcik there too.


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