Weekend Lunch at Cawanmas KSL

Last weekend’s lunch was at Cawanmas again. This is Pakcik’s favourite lunch place because he loves the coffee there. I bought a box of coffee packs for my dad and he loves it too. The coffee powder is very fragrant and doesn’t produce the sourish taste which some brands do. If you like the old school coffee shop type of coffee, you should really try it in Cawanmas.

curry chicken

Usually, I would stick to the fried mee siam with egg and chicken wing. But last Sunday I chose the curry chicken mee hoon kway (RM5.90). It’s been a long time since I last had it. The mee hoon kway absorbed the curry but still retain its chewiness. The chicken was so tender that it separated from the bone with just a gentle bite. Yummy~


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