Random Thoughts

Suddenly I am having random thoughts and one of it is that I should “pen” them down.

1) I saw a fb post of my alma mater. Seeing that pic brought back so much awesome memories of my high school days. Though I hated attending classes, the fantastic friends and CCA kept me going. Having gone to a neighbourhood primary school, I realised that my high school taught me a lot more things and provided much more learning opportunities. Pple kept saying that schools are the same, but in my own opinion and experience, there is quite a bit of difference between a neighbourhood and an Independent SAP school. So if I have a daughter next time, I hope she will be smart enough to get in to my alma mater, and if I have a son, I hope he can get into Chinese High.

2) As I grow older… sad but it’s reality… the posts I see and the conversations I had somehow surround this topic: “Wedding”.
One of the stereotypic necessity of marriage is getting pre-wedding photoshoot. And so I was wondering, is it really mandatory to get a photoshoot? The type where one has to spent at least a full day out in the sun, face slapped with layers of make-up, smiling till your face cramp, taking pictures of landscapes etc. And the photos always ended up having the bride and groom looking into the sky or at different directions, kissing awkwardly, lying on the floor and the face looking like prata, and photoshopped till they don’t look like themselves. Some go all out to travel half the globe to take pictures. And what’s worse, these ain’t cheap.
If one goes for the cheaper package, I can totally expect the end result. Either the make-ups look weird or the photoshop work is so terrible that I think I could do better. I have seen some young ladies ended up with such mature and heavy make-ups that they looked like they are in their 30s.
On average, I think pple spent about $3-4K on a pre-wedding photoshoot. Then the album will be viewed during the wedding banquet, first week post marriage and then kept somewhere to collect dust until one fine day, the children decided to take it out and laugh at how retro he/she looked.
So, I think I would not do that and just settle with the actual wedding day photos and video. Pakcik thinks that we could use that money and go on a holiday which we would really enjoy more.

3) Since I was thinking about marriage stuff, the idea of honeymoon destinations popped up. Some time ago, I thought of going away for 2 months. Just me and my future husband travelling around US or Europe. But now, I had a new idea. Maybe just a 1 month honeymoon: 1.5 weeks in Aussie, 1.5 weeks in New Zealand, and 1 week in Tahiti. That’s sound pretty good to me. Just me and him enjoying the nature.

4) I saw an advert of the Rollie Egg Master. It looked pretty cool!
Since I am an egg lover, maybe I should get one?

5) Stay-home-mum. Unfortunately my head starts to think about marriage/parenting again. Yea.. too much of such things surrounding me everyday.
Pple starts going gaga about stay-home-mum, saying we should respect them, they do a tough job etc. Well, I definitely agree to that for all the SHM in my mum’s era because they really do a lot of chores and stuff at home. What if the SHM nowadays are really just Stay-At-Home-Mum? They are called mum because they gave birth, not because they actually spent time educating the child or nurturing them. I see some SHM feed and bathe the child and leave it there to be accompanied by ipad, iphone, or TV. They themselves would spend most of the time online, watching drama, sleep and eat. The more fortunate ones have their maid or in-laws to clean the house for them, while the rest leave the dust to conquer their house and complained how tough it is to be a SHM so it’s hard to keep the house clean.
When the husband comes home, they will act all loving and attentive to the child. =___=” No offense, but I see them as breeder than a mum.
To me, Mum = 24 hours non-stop attention and care, teach moral values, try their best to give you the best education, brings you out to widen your social circle so that you won’t be so shy and scared of new faces, giving the best nutrition that they can afford, and apart from all these, they take care of the house chores, not forgetting to show filial piety to the in-laws and own parents, and lastly, still have to take care of the husband.

6) If the roads are getting too congested, why don’t they implement a mandatory Stupidity Test for all drivers? Being on the road everyday to get to and fro my workplace, I came to a conclusion that the traffic jams are somewhat related to stupid drivers. Stupid drivers that kept their attention away from the road and ended up in an accident. Everyday without fail, I will see drivers using mobile phones, putting on make-ups, digging their nose, searching for things etc. while driving. Stupid drivers that wants to pay some attention to the post-accident vehicles and slowed down so much that it jams up the entire section of the expressway, worse, the other side of the road. It’s so nerve wracking to be stuck in a jam for hours just because one lane is down due to the accident. Seriously, there are 3 other functioning lanes, stop kpoing and move on already! And no offense to the 4D maniac, pple are probably down on luck to get into an accident, so what makes you think that their car plate numbers will still appear in the lottery results? Since when do pple strike rich after getting into an accident?
Also, stupid drivers who decides to keep 5-6 cars’ distance. =___=” I am not asking pple to tailgate, but seriously… if every cars do that, the jam will be from Changi to Jurong. Moving on, stupid drivers who thinks that driving at the speed limit on lane 1 is the right thing to do. *Roll eyes* If you are keeping to the speed limit, there is such a thing called Lane 2. Leave the lane 1 clear for over-taking, dude! Stop thinking that you are a F1 driver when you are driving at 90km/hr, you are probably going to be honked at if you do that in other countries. Lastly, stupid drivers who don’t know how to keep to the proper lane which will lead them to their destination. How many times have I seen drivers frantically trying to switch from lane 1 to 4 to exit the expressway at the very last minute. Either they cause a jam, or they get into an accident for changing lane abruptly.
Implement stupidity test already! You could probably remove 50% of the drivers from the road and no need for the not-so-effective ERP and COE.

7) Last random thought…
What should I have for dinner tonight? French beans sound good~


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