PotLuck @ IMM

This is actually a late post of my 2 visits to PotLuck located in IMM. The zi char style dishes in PotLuck are cooked/served in claypot, and for a fixed price, you can have free flow of white rice and drinks. Also, there is no service charge.
The deco in PotLuck is pretty retro, much like the local streets in the 60s. It has successfully attracted customers with the food and speedy service.

pot luck

It is semi self-service, which means you have to write your order, bring it to the cashier to pay, collect your rice and drinks, while the rest of the dishes will be served to your table.


There is a poster to show you how it works.
Since white rice and drinks are free flow at a fixed price, customers are encouraged NOT to share these items to help PotLuck sustain their business. The price of the zi char dishes are already pretty low, so it won’t be good if a customer pay $1.50 and have 10 people sharing and keep re-filling that plate of rice.

So for my first visit, I tried the claypot assam stingray ($7.90), carrot beef brisket ($10.90, I think), and fried drumlets/winglets ($3.90).


I must say that the 4 pieces of drumlets/winglets really boost my appetite. It so crispy (I bet you can see from this picture) and so well marinated. Personally, I think they taste way better than the KFC’s devil wings.
There is 2 type of fried chicken in the menu. One is this fried winglets and the other is fried prawn paste chicken wings, so don’t get confused~ If in doubt, this is the cheaper item and listed in the starters section.

braised beef cubes

The carrot beef brisket are pretty good. The beef are tender and I like the daikon which has absorbed the flavour of the gravy.  The serving size is quite decent for 2-3 people.

Assam stingray

The assam stingray is quite decent. Personally I prefer BBQ stingray with sambal chilli, so I would like more if it’s other type of fish. Anyway, the assam gravy is not bad, maybe a little more sour would be better. For the price, I think that’s quite a decent portion size.

chilli sauce

Another highlight is the chilli sauce. Pakcik and I love it lots! It is a smooth blend of chilli, lime or lime leaves, garlic and maybe some other secret ingredients which go well with any fried food.

A couple of weeks after my first visit, I started craving for the claypot food.
This time round I had claypot ee mee, fried winglets, and black pepper beef.

drumlets 2

I think the drumlets/winglets will make me keep coming back for more. Maybe next time I can tabao them to snack at home~

claypot ee mee

For the claypot ee mee, I don’t think it is very good. The soup is a bit bland and it’s just not the type of ee mee that I like. Next time, I will just stick to the zi char dishes.

black pepper beef

The stir fried beef is very tender and tastes good with the fluffy white rice.
Overall, this is a nice air-conditioned place with decent claypot food in the shopping mall.


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