Ichiban Sushi Off Peak Menu

I like dining at Ichiban Sushi restaurant during the off peak hours. There aren’t many customers during that period of time, I don’t have to queue for a table, the staff gives full attention, food is served quickly and it offers a off peak menu at only $5++.

ishiyaki don

I like to have the mini Ishiyaki Don which comes with a miso soup and green tea. The thinly sliced tender black pork in sukiyaki sauce tastes great with the fluffy Japanese rice served in hot stone bowl. Sometimes I would leave the rice in the hot stone bowl long enough to get the burnt crispy rice.

tsukune cheese curry don

The Ishiyaki Tsukune Cheese Curry Don is another yummy choice. The thick and savory curry with melted cheese and the 5 juicy chicken meatballs taste perfect with the fluffy rice.
Although it a mini don, it’s still quite filling for me.

fried salmon skin

salmon maki

salmon nigiri

ebiko gunkan

The total bill for the 2 mini don sets and sushi is only around $25. Quite a good deal to have a late lunch or early dinner.


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