Meet up @ Ichiban Boshi Vivocity

-Late post-

Two Fridays ago, I was supposed to go for an appointment at The Central at 8pm and so I meet up with Hua for dinner at Vivocity. In the end, I skipped and re-scheduled the appointment so that we could have a non-rush dinner and a good catch-up. =)

We had our dinner at Ichiban Boshi in Vivocity. There was a bit of queue during the dinner peak hours.

ichiban sushi

Feeling so greedy after looking at the menu, I decided to get this set meal.

dory don

The set came with a small bowl of fried dory fish in teriyaki sauce and rice. It tastes pretty good.

beef with mentaiko

The beef slices were so tender after sizzling on the hotplate and the mentaiko was so “creamily” yummy. Other than the heap of potato mayo, which was too coarse, I enjoyed everything on this hotplate.

The chawanmushi was so rich and tasty that Hua ordered one for herself after sampling mine.


The salmon tataki was great too! Love the lightly charred surface and tender fresh meat inside.

salmon skin

lobster salad maki

Hua ordered the fried salmon skin, lobster maki and other stuff. I think our preference for sushi in Ichiban is alike!

We then went to Daiso to shop after the heavy dinner. It’s great to meet up with Hua~ Hopefully we will go to Standing Sushi Bar soon!



2 responses to “Meet up @ Ichiban Boshi Vivocity

  1. aww~~ next meetup: standing sushi bar! ♡

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