Revolution Coffee @ Media Circle

Been wanting to go to Revolution Coffee since I saw its pictures in instagram. Finally went there yesterday noon for brunch.

It’s hidden in Media Circle road, which is a new road off Portsdown road. If you drive down AYE (towards the city), exit Portsdown road and you will see an isolated grey office building with a big “Discovery Channel” word on the top. Yep, that’s where the cafe is located.
Pakcik and I depended on google map to bring us there. =)

I have great first impression of the cafe.
That’s because:
– Quietness. Although the café has most of the tables taken up, the noise level is pretty low. Comparing to other coffee joints, this is a place where you can really sit down, relax and enjoy a cup of coffee. Definitely no 60-80 dB of constant noise that makes you more tensed than pre-coffee.
– Service. The very friendly and energetic staff really made my day.
– Value. Yep, great value for the yummy food
– Layout. For the indoor, the tables are more fixed, but for outdoor, the customers have more freedom to arrange the tables and chairs. I really like the old school chairs which I used to have when I was very young.

There is a decent variety in the menu but my eyes were locked on the Big Brunch Breakfast. =)

There’s a choice of scrambled or sunny side up eggs, tomato or mushrooms or onions, ham or bacon or sausage. And this is the combination that I chose.

Big Brunch Breakfast

Look at the huge sausage~
plus, the fluffy bread is a perfect match for the sauteed mushroom and scrambled eggs.


And a cup of mocha for the sunny afternoon~


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