Lunch @ Waraku

I was at The Central for my KPL appointment, and after that, I decided to pamper myself by having a good lunch.

After a few “training”, I have gotten used to lunching alone. In the past, SK will never eat alone when she out of the house. Now, I can easily feel at ease when I am lunching alone, but on one condition: it must be a cafe or restaurant. Simply because, SK don’t like to be disturbed by other people or share tables.

Yep, and so I went to Waraku where I can have a table to myself and enjoy the view of Clarke Quay.

Udon Clarke Quay

Being hungry and greedy, I ordered a soft shell crab tempura and a udon. It don’t sound a lot, but trust me, the portion size of the udon is huge.


I had the Ebi Tempura udon with beef. Such a huge claypot of udon and so much ingredients in it!
Removing the big ebi, let’s see what else is in it.

Udon 1

See! There’s plenty of tender beef slices (cooked while I was taking photos), big mushroom, egg, rice cake, seaweed, lettuces and tons of udon!
Not forgetting, I had the soft shell crab tempura…

Soft Shell Crab Tempura

Of course I couldn’t finish all the udon and rice cake. I was bloated to my throat by the time I was done with lunch. LOL~ All thanks to my greediness.
Nevertheless, the food at Waraku is always so delicious and comforting. =)


2 responses to “Lunch @ Waraku

  1. would be more interesting for a reader like me if you could include 1)the price of the food dish you ordered, (2)location like which level is the restaurant (3) a photo of the price menu book thus showing what other food they have (4) a picture of the inside restaurant and perhaps also entrance outside! All these helps to let a new customer like me to have a good idea before our visit!

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