d’Good Cafe

d'Good Cafe

Met up with Hua for lunch last week at d’Good Cafe. It is our first time there and it wasn’t a good experience for both of us.
First of all, the place was full so I waited 30 mins to get a table. Since it’s a self-serviced cafe, I had to stand around to wait for people to leave before I can get a seat. The cafe is located at level 2 and 3, so after being tired of climbing up and down the stairs, I waited at the level 1 entrance for people to leave before going up to find the empty table. We noticed that there’s a lot of students studying/watching video in the cafe, which is one of the reasons why the place is so packed.

Next, we went to order food and coffee at level 2. It’s only lunch time and they have ran out of the All-Day breakfast and sandwiches. Irony isn’t it? They have “All-Day” breakfast in the menu but no longer available in the afternoon. Oh well.. We were left with limited choices and settled for the pasta in the end.
Next, we waited for our coffee by the counter. I don’t think it’s a great idea at all. First of all, it takes a while for the coffee to be made, secondly, customers were piling up by the counter within minutes, and lastly, the place is so small that we had to keep moving around to make way for the staff and other customers.

Hua took the tray of coffee up to level 3 where we secured a table. While I was getting iced water, I started wondering how could Hua get in to the indoor area with both her hands full. True enough, she had to stand by the glass door in level 3 to wait for me.
Guess why?
Because the glass door opens outwards. With her hands full, there is no way Hua could open the glass door by herself. Later on, we noticed that many other people had the same problem after collecting their food.

So, we waited 40 mins for Hua’s bacon carbonara pasta to be ready. The tag buzzed, and we went down to collect the food. Then we were told that my baked chicken pesto pasta wasn’t ready yet. Seriously… How long does it take to cook 2 plates of pasta. If the cafe isn’t ready to handle sudden influx of customers, maybe they should do something about the manpower or the menu. Being apologetic, the staff offered to bring up my pasta when it’s ready.

Baked Chicken Pesto Pasta

As for the pasta ($14), it was over cooked. And so both of us had soggy spaghetti/linguini, waited 40-45 mins, and paid $14/$15 for it. Please give us a reason not to be upset.


Luckily the mocha that we had was pretty good. At least there was something we could enjoy.
I am sure other bloggers have had better experiences when they visited the cafe (maybe in the non-peak hours), and which is why they recommended the place. But personally, I think it needs improvement to attract regulars. I am sure no F&B wants to do only one-time business. The very first thing that needs to be actioned on is the issue of students studying during peak hours. Not only will it cause the cafe to lose revenue, it also risks losing potential regulars. It’s good to have a cozy cafe where one can read, relax and have a cup of coffee. But having so many students hogging your tables for hours, I would be worried about earning enough to cover the rental in a place like Holland V.

Just my 2 cents worth.


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