Breakfast at Coffee Bean

I have been wanting to get the Egg Ben from Coffee Bean, but twice I went to the outlet in West Mall, it was not available. And last week, I woke up super early, hoping that they will have it, but was disappointed again. Really wonder why that outlet doesn’t serve Egg Ben. Did they ran out of hollandaise sauce? Did the egg master went on holiday? Oh well…

Usually I will go for the Salmon Scramble but this time I tried the Ultimate Breakfast instead.

Ultimate Breakfast

That was a very filling breakfast. The thick patty (though a bit dry) tasted pretty good with jam and the two turkey bacon were so crispy.
Pakcik said he didn’t see this set, or he wouldn’t have ordered the Egg Club Sandwich.


The breakfast set comes with a brewed coffee/tea, but I changed it to a regular latte (+$2.50).

This weekend I think I will try my luck again to see if they have Egg Ben.


3 responses to “Breakfast at Coffee Bean

  1. Egg Benedict is favorite breakfast meal at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf so they only serve it in the morning. So, forget about it when you visit the place on lunch or dinner time. They out of stock.

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