Penny University

This is another cafe hunt I did a few weeks ago. Pakcik and I happened to be in the east, so we went to check out Penny University.

Penny University

Waited for quite some time before we get a table because it a really small cafe. The tables are packed closely that you can totally join in the conversation at the next table.

Penny University 1

After placing our order, we received this cute number tag.

Egg Benedicts

I had the Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon ($12). The yolk was very runny. It’s pretty good except for the toast which I find it too thick. The toast was a bit chewy after absorbing the moisture from the salmon and stuff, so it didn’t taste that good.

Poached Eggs

Pakcik had the poached eggs on toast with cheese and marmite ($6). The combination was too salty for him.


We had mocha to finish off the meal.

Overall, I didn’t enjoy having brunch here.
1) The cafe is too small and noisy
2) Food is so so
3) It’s in the east, so it’s not convenient for me (from the west)


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