Taiwan Instant Noodles

A couple of weeks ago, I was in Taiwan for vacation. The weather was cooling and I really enjoyed the good food there. Maybe I will blog about it when I have time. There is this awesome beef noodles shop which I will feel guilty if I don’t share.
Anyway, I brought back quite a bit of instant noodles (as usual). Instead of the 满汉大餐 instant beef noodles (which I have gotten sick of eating it), I bought this other brand of instant chicken noodles.



It’s from TTL and I bought only 2 flavors (Hua Diao Wine Chicken and Sesame Oil Chicken) because my 2 luggage were full. Yeah, I bought so much food and shoes that my 29″ and 20″ luggage were full.



What I like about Taiwan instant noodles is that they come with real meat. I really hate those dried veggies, mock meat, or dried meat because they are pretty tasteless.
This instant noodles comes with wet and dry seasoning, and real meat with gravy in a separate vacuum packed pouch.



The noodles tastes good! Almost like home-cooked noodles. Too bad I couldn’t bring more of it back due to luggage space and the short shelf life. It doesn’t contain preservatives so it can’t be kept long.


4 responses to “Taiwan Instant Noodles

  1. My friend is in Taiwan now n he can’t find this instant noodle 😦

    • I was there last week and saw it in several 7-11 or Hi-life shops. Saw it at ximending 7-11 also. Maybe your Friend can try asking the shop assistant to check. Hope he finds it!

  2. Where did u buy these instant noodle in Taiwan? Supermarket?

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