The Chicken Rice Shop

Last Friday Pakcik and I had late dinner at The Chicken Rice Shop in Vivocity.
We were kinda too greedy and ordered 2 set meals. In the end I could hardly finish the food and felt so bloated after that.







My set meal came with chicken, rice, kueh pie tee, bean sprout, drink and dessert. OMG… That’s so much food for dinner…







Pakcik had the curry chicken noodles set which also comes with kueh pie tee, drink and dessert.

Comparing the chicken I had in the KL, Msia outlet and this outlet, I think the Msia one tastes better. The chicken I had in KL has more flavor and is more tender. As for the rice, both are equally good.
Anway, this high fat, high calories, high sugar content, high salt content meal put me into food coma after that. I guess I better not have this too often, or I may need an angioplasty soon.


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