The Electric Lunch Box

I bought an electrical lunchbox from Qoo10. It comes with 2 stainless steel containers, a lid, egg holder, water measuring cup, and foc cutlery. It’s pretty good because I can steam rice from scratch, steam eggs, boil soup, cook porridge and heat up food with it. This is the smallest version I saw from Qoo10, there are also other models which have 3 tiers or even hot pot function.

electronic lunch box

I bought it from a group sale and paid only $18.90 with free delivery. It took about 7 days to be sent to my house. As this lunchbox is made in China, I have to get an additional adapter for the plug. Other than that, everything works fine.


So for the trial run, I made sesame oil braised pork belly with rice and broccoli, then steamed it during lunch in office. I added raw broccoli because it will be cooked when I steamed the food.
I added 1 cup of water (actually I don’t need so much water) to the electronic lunchbox, placed the container of food in, cover it, and turn on the switch. It took only about 10-15 mins to heat up the lunch. =)
It tastes exactly the same as steaming from the stove, but minus the hassle of boiling the water and washing multiple pots. All these could be done at my work desk~
I am so in love with this electronic lunchbox already!

Alright, I shall share the recipe for the braised pork belly.

– 300gm of pork belly (cleaned and sliced)
– 1 tbsp sesame oil (for marinate)
– 1/2 tbsp light soy sauce (for marinate)
– 1/2 tsp corn flour (for marinate)
– some pepper (for marinate)
– 2 tsp sesame oil
– 2 cloves of garlic (chopped)
– some ginger (sliced)
– 1/2 tbsp oyster sauce
– 1/2 tbsp dark soy sauce (feel free to add more)
– 1 tsp sugar
– 1.5 cups of water (add more if gravy is too salty)

1) Marinate the sliced pork and put it in the fridge for 30mins or more.
2) Heat up sesame oil in a non-stick pot, add in garlic and ginger, saute till fragrant.
3) Add in the marinated pork and stir fry until the pork almost cooked.
4) Add in oyster sauce, dark soy sauce, sugar and water. Allow it to boil, then turn the heat down to simmer.
5) If you prefer thicker gravy, mix some corn flour with water and add into the simmering gravy.
6) Serve with rice.


7 responses to “The Electric Lunch Box

  1. The lunchbox is very useful and I have been using it everyday

  2. pumpkin porridge =] made me think

  3. Interesting, never have seen this before. So do you leave it at work and bring the ingredients? Or do you take it home every day?

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