My Feeble Effort

I was on a diet plan for the past 2 weeks. This was an “agreement” which my colleagues and I had to help each other lose the weight we gained in the past few months. So what we did was to replace our daily oily lunch to oat.

Oat by itself can taste quite terrible. It has that gluey texture which reminds me of mucous. The only way for me to be able to eat it is to add some flavor to it. I mixed 4 soup spoons of instant oat and 1.5 soup spoon of pork floss in sufficient boiling water. This will somewhat taste like plain porridge with pork floss. Although pork floss is no where near the healthy food category, at least in moderate amount, it’s better than fried food.
My colleague is more of a sweet tooth person, so she added condensed milk and strawberries to her instant oat.

So after 2 weeks of lunch replacement, my colleague has lost 3 kg, and I have lost 1kg. The reason why I lost lesser weight was because of the steamboat I had with my bff on one evening. Plus, I went to Melaka over the weekend and I practically feast throughout the day.  I probably have consumed 1 week’s worth of calories in that Melaka trip.

Feeling very guilty (a very common yo-yo effect syndrome), I have promised to continue the oat lunch for 1 more week and start jogging after work.
I need to get back my long lost waistline, get rid of the flabby arms, and fit into my pants! Just 3 kg and I will be back to my normal.


2 responses to “My Feeble Effort

  1. so did you get back in shape?

    • Hi~

      I am almost there but more work needs to be done. LOL~
      I tend to eat too much over weekends, so more discipline is needed for me!

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