Manna Story

Manna Story

I have been reading good reviews of Manna Story korean food online and instagram, so I was very tempted to check it out.

The nearest outlet for me is the one in JCube. It’s an open concept shop on level 4 of JCube, and it overlooks the skating rink. When I was there, the air conditioner was leaking and one of the tables were filled with water.


After placing our orders, the staff served us the ban chan. Unlike what I read from the food blogs, only 4 instead of 12 types  of ban chan were served. =(
And we need to request the staff to refill them as the ban chan station was no longer there. Kinda disappointed, but at least the kimchi and radish tasted not bad.

seafood pancake

We had the seafood pancake which was not bad. I like the crispy edges and the decent amount of seafood in the pancake.

Pork Jjigae

I had the pork jjigae with white rice. I was feeling quite cold that day and the soup was really good for warming me up. Although there’s only a few slices of pork and tofu (which SK hates), the taste of the soup was quite good.

Overall, I think the food standard is slightly above those from the food court, but not as good as the more renowned Korean restaurants. Price wise, a little pricey for the portion size.


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