Forty Hands Cafe

Forty Hands

Forty Hands 1

Was at Forty Hands on a Saturday afternoon. There wasn’t any tables left inside the cafe so we had to sit at the tables along the corridor.


The mocha ($6.50) was not bad. Glad the weather was really cooling and made it enjoyable to sip coffee outdoor.

Eggs Benedict and Hash

I had the Eggs Benedict with steak and spicy roasted potatoes ($16). I must say that the roasted potatoes are really good. Very well seasoned and cooked to perfect crispiness. Yum yum~
The steak is kinda mediocre, nothing to shout about.

Eggs Benedict

Here’s an egg porn for you.
See that yolk lava oozing out of the solidified white. Yum yum~
I really wonder how they managed to cook the poached egg so beautifully. How do they make the egg so round?
Anyway, I love the yolk and if the hollandaise sauce is slightly less sour, it would be perfect~

Salmon and Potato

Pakcik had the Salmon Hash ($18). At first I wondered where’s the salmon, then we realised it’s in that container of creamy stuff. We dipped the toast in that creamy stuff, tasted it, and… OMG! It’s so delicious! Unless you are someone who doesn’t take cream, this salmon hash is definitely going to win you over.
The combination of salmon, potato and cream with mustard sauce is so good. Or at least, I love it max! We were dipping every strand of fries in the sauce until the container is wiped clean.

I am so going to Forty Hands again, and I will definitely get the Salmon Hash!

Here’s the menu to share:

Forty Hands Menu

Forty Hands Menu 2


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