Hai Di Lao – Revisited

Soon after my first visit to Hai Di Lao, I was craving for hot pot again. The chicken soup is so addictive that I wish they could sell me the soup base for takeaway.
This time, I went there with Hua. It was a Friday evening and the queue was horrendous. The waiting area was so packed that the staff had to give out number queues at level 1 just outside the restaurant. Customers were only allowed to go up to level 2 when they queue number was called.

Pre Hai Di Lao

Our queue number was 75 and they have only served number 25. Feeling so hungry, Hua and I went to have McDonalds first.
And finally after 3.5 hours, our queue number was called~ Hence, our dinner  officially started at 10.30pm. OMG~~~~~~!

Hai Di Lao

Without wasting anymore time, we ordered the chicken soup base and tomato soup base ($16++).

Hai Di Lao 1

Hai Di Lao 2

Hai Di Lao 3

This time, I managed to take a picture of the condiments and dessert station.

Hai Di Lao 4

This is my usual sauce combination: Black vinegar, chili oil, sesame oil, chili padi, garlic, spring onions, coriander, and soy sauce.

Hai Di Lao 5

This is my new favourite combination: sesame paste, sesame oil, sesame seeds, and special chili sauce. It goes very well with fish~

Hai Di Lao 8

Hua and I were on the No-veggies steamboat mission. So our table was filled with only meat and more meat~
We ordered half portion of prawns ($4++).

Hai Di Lao 9

Guess what?
The staff automatically peeled off the shells for us! Awesome! We no longer need to worry that our fingers will be dirty from peeling the prawn shells~ One less reason to bring my prawn-peeler there! =P

Hai Di Lao 10


We had the pomfret fish ($18++) again because it’s so good.

Hai Di Lao 11

I recommended the dumplings (half portion $4++) to Hua, but this time round the dumpling skin was a bit thick.

Hai Di Lao 6


We tried the kurobuta pork (half portion $6++), and it’s really good!

Hai Di Lao 7

The marinate beef (half portion $8++) is not up to standard. The beef, although smooth, was quite tasteless after cooking in the soup. I would recommend getting the sliced beef instead of this. Our total bill for this round was $96.51. A bit expensive but it’s so worth it!

We ate till 1+am and there were still people coming in for steamboat! OMG~ Hai Di Lao is just too popular. They seriously need to open the second outlet at 313 real soon!


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